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Monday, 15 September 2014

Free Android Apps For GRE Vocabulary Building:

Perfecting GRE vocabulary is a real daunting task. Try all the methods you can whether it is reading newspaper editorials, learning with friends, writing them down. Trust me, you will need all the efforts possible and especially if you are a non-native english speaker. Learning through apps, playing some word quizzes is something many students find very useful in retaining words for longer.
 Here I have reviewed a few apps, that I personally feel can be helpful in acing GRE. 

Painless GRE:

  • Simple Interface.
  • 3915 vocab words with example sentence.
  • Option to select session size.
  • you have option to practice over,only learned words by skipping new words option. This can be your best daily ritual till you give your exam.

This is by far the best free app around with 100,000 + downloads, to ace the GRE vocabulary.
Along with the traditional word cards, there are a variety of exercises like word->definition, definition->word, sentence completion. Practice with exercises helps a lot in retaining the word. It's like you select 5 or 10 or more words as per your wish( number selected through settings) and play around them till you master. You also have an option to view examples, which helps in better understanding.

Vocab Trainer:

  • Very interactive.
  • With games and test summary.
  • Detailed description with usage.

But, free version of this app has only 600 (10 decks) words, to buy the complete set of 60 decks you need to spend $2. Flip card shows meaning, usage, mnemonics and you can even add a private note. As practice games user has option of taking quiz, spelling test, rearranging letters to form word. Some users may find playing a quiz for 10, 20 or 30 minutes a little annoying.

GRE Picture Vocab:

  • Pictures definitely help a lot in word retention.
  • Option to select when you want to see a particular word again.
  • No pronunciation.

Free version of this app consist of only 600 words, categorized into beginner, advance and moderate levels. Flipping the card shows meaning with images and usage in a sentence. Referring to friends unlocks subsequent levels. Complete version can be brought under $2.
Though, free version has limited words but still it breaks the monotony of cramming word meaning for a while. 

This post will be updated regularly.